the boomerang throwing resource

Building Boomerangs

Boomerang relics have been found all over the world, from the Americas, to Eastern Europe and Russia, to Australia. Thru the centuries such diverse materials such as wood, bone, hardened leather, and even mammoth tusk ivory have been used to make boomerangs.

Today, modern materials such as plastic and composites like phenolic resin with linen or paper are used to make some boomerangs, but the most popular material is still wood, usually a laminated hardwood like birch or poplar. Some boomerang makers use exotic hardwoods to make finely crafted, beautiful boomerangs suitable for hanging on a wall as decoration but are still great fliers too.

Before a boomerang is made, the basic shape is decided upon. Will it be a traditional V-shape? a hook? a tri-blader? Once this is determined, the outline of the boomerang is drawn or traced on the material that the boomerang is going to be made from. Most MX boomerangs are made from a hi-ply aircraft grade birch plywood which brings both strength and lightness to the design. After the outline is drawn, the boomerang blank is cut from the material and is ready for shaping.

Basic airfoil

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Wind Flow

After the airfoils are carved the boomerang is sanded smooth to reduce drag and ready it for painting or a clear finish.