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Types of Boomerangs

Boomerangs are made in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes. They can range from the traditional v-shape to ones shaped like the rest of the letters of the alphabet. At least one boomerang maker has made a collection of boomerangs shaped like every letter from A-Z. Some are in the shape of animals or people or just weird looking.

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Sizes can be from five inches to three feet across.

Triblader boomerang

Beginner boomerang

Boomerangs for beginning throwers are usually the traditional V-shaped ones or three bladed boomerangs called tri-bladers.

Tri-bladers and other beginner boomerangs are generally very light and don't require a very strong throw. Because of their lightness they should not be thrown in windy conditions. These are good boomerangs to learn on and improve your throwing technique before moving up to heavier, intermediate skill boomerangs. Range (how far the boomerang travels away from the thrower before returning) is about 10-25 meters.

Intermediate boomerang, Adirondack

Intermediate skill boomerang

Intermediate boomerangs can be any shape and are typically heavier than beginner boomerangs. They will require a harder throw but will work better in windier conditions. Some will need a little more technique in the throw but are capable of differing flight paths, depending on how they are thrown. Range can be from 30-50 meters.

Competition Boomerang, Paxolin

Advanced and competition boomerang

Advanced boomerangs can be any shape or size depending on what the thrower wants the boomerang to do. They can range in weight from ultra-light MTA (Maximum Time Aloft) boomerangs designed to stay in the air for a long time to heavy, lead weighted boomerangs designed to travel a long distance before turning to return to the thrower.

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Flight paths are extremely varied, depending on the boomerang and all require a certain amount of practice and skill to throw successfully.